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Library Experience 4.0 Always connected

In our digitised and networked society, libraries can interact with users in the digital world. We want to take the user experience in the home to the next level. This will be possible with our app.

Anywhere, anytime, fast and discreetly

Your mobile community is connected to you around the clock. There is no better way to meet current demands in terms of intuitive design, advanced operation and communication.

And with Hublet tablets that are provided in a self-service dock, you will contribute siginificantly to digital inclusion.

Always connected
Nex.App | My Library App

Found a favorite book, a much-loved music CD while browsing the retail shelves? Simply use your phone and borrow it from your library with two clicks using the Nex.App. Finished! Returning the item is just as easy. Information about events and news are provided at a glance. Twitter is also integrated. This is what our smartphone society wants. But the app can do even more: digital and physical stock are listed in an overview and are available for download for iOS and Android users.

Of course, it can send push notifications for due dates, has a digital library card, stores reservations and is ideal for families as all accounts can be managed in one app.

  • Familiar smartphone operation
  • Loan and account management anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with your LMS
  • Alternative to self-service – ideal at peak times
  • Scans ISBN codes and checks availability in the local library
This is what I need!

Browse with Hublet at your favourite place
Digital inclusion

Scan the library card, take the tablet out of the dock and off you go. For hours, you can browse eBooks or eMagazines, stream movies, surf the Internet or play games at your favourite place. Digital content for everyone! A huge variety of different apps from the Google Play Store offer a wide selection of education and fun according to the needs of your community and your eContent offerings.

User profiles can be defined in advance for children, adults or entire groups, depending on specific target group and use. The usage history is deleted in accordance with data protection regulations when the tablet is returned to the dock, where it is safely stored and recharged for the next visitor.


  • eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines, movie streaming, gaming
  • Familiar, accessible operation on Android tablets
  • Handy, robust design
  • Convenient alternative to PC workstations
  • Data protection compliant
  • Lending with library card, QR code or PIN

Everybody's happy
Intuitive self-service

You no longer need to hand out tablets at the counter, and it’s ‚goodbye‘ to manual software updates!

The Hublet Manager allows you to centrally manage all devices and configure specific app views: suitable for children, adults, school classes or e-learning groups. The home screen offers a clear overview of library news, popular apps and various content categories with even more apps. The integration into the library system and your WiFi enables a secure and efficient workflow. The robust cover perfectly protects the tablets from any damage.


  • Minimum space requirement: standalone model or wall mounting
  • With 3 or 6 tablets
  • Automatic: battery charging and app updates
  • Integration with library WiFi: theft-proof
  • Central management + cloud-based content
  • Hygienic thanks to Fotonit coating

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