A fresh approach to people counting in libraries

Nexbib now provide a new solution for accurate people counting in libraries. By partnering with people counting experts, Nexbib can combine their knowledge about the needs of libraries with a proven systems solution.

The system has been successfully installed in the libraries of the London Borough of Merton, after Nexbib were selected through a tender process in September 2021. Merton libraries take a holistic approach to their services and accurately measuring footfall is a key KPI as part of the evaluation and measurement of the impact of new library services.

The previous system was significantly undercounting footfall particularly for one of their key user groups – children. With regular school sessions for entire class groups taking place at the library it was apparent that their existing system was no longer fit for purpose. Karren Whyte from Merton Library explained, "The previous solution couldn’t meet our needs of being able to accurately count multiple people entering the library together".

Like all libraries, the library management team are required to produce regular reports to demonstrate their libraries’ footfall. The new system provides detailed, accurate data in easy to access reports. Accessed via a unique URL enabling both the Stock Team Manager and Library Manager to run their regular reports and greatly reduce the time taken on this administrative task.

The team at Nexbib were on hand to work with the library management team to assess the operational effectiveness of the system once it had been and installed, ensuring that the positioning of the sensors counted even the smallest of children on their way into the library.

“With the figures that we can now access we feel it is giving a true reflection of the number of people coming through our doors. The data we receive is now more reliable”, said Karren Whyte, Library Service Manager, Merton Library and Heritage Service.

“Here at Nexbib we are always striving towards offering best in class products to libraries all over the world. With the Nex.Count People Counter and True Occupancy solutions the libraries get an all-in-one tool to analyse visitor behaviours and to keep the libraries safe to visit. The solution is both easy to install and use, scalable and very accurate.” Tedde Julén, Managing Director at Nexbib.

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About Nexbib

Nexbib is a provider of future-proof RFID solutions for libraries of all types and sizes. The company develops dynamic library concepts based on contemporary digital strategies and flexible, modularly expandable technology. Together with libraries, Nexbib puts the needs of the community first. Nexbib's solutions not only respond to the habits of today's smartphone society but are also focused on the needs of the next generation. Therefore, sustainability and the 2030 Agenda are high priorities.

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