An automated return solution gives lots of benefits for your library and its patrons. We offer a very strong automated material handling solution with high capacity, user friendliness for both library staff and patrons and with one of the smallest footprints in the industry.


Library Automated Book Sorter

With our latest generation of Automated Book Sortation solutions built using leading world class technology, your library will gain quicker re-shelving times, a reduction of material handling labour cost and increased productivity. Ultimately, our Book Sortation Solutions provide your library patrons with a better experience when returning their items to the library.

With Nexbib as your partner your library can easily implement a new Sorter, either into your existing environment or into a new building and start enjoying the benefits.

We work closely with our customers in the design and build phase ensuring that your requirements are comprehensively and fully met.

Demand capacity, return points, number of sorting destinations, type of sorting bins and carts, staff return requirements, transportation distances, space constraints and noise levels are just some of the issues we consider.

Our comprehensive range includes lightweight ergonomic stacking carts, robot arms to place books into bookshelves and transportation robots that deliver library media into the library space for patrons to enjoy.

To find out more about our exciting Automated Book Sorters please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Book sorter 1
Book sorter robot 1
Book sorter 2
Book sorter robot 2

Book Drop

If your library wants to offer quick and efficient return of multiple items at once, we can offer our Book Drop Solution. These solutions can be installed on the external wall of the library to offer 24/7 return for patrons.

The Book Drop can be equipped with RFID readers to recognise library items before opening the external flap to allow their return. It can also be equipped with an RFID antenna to recognise and process the return of multiple items. Our Book Drop is a cost-effective returns solution for libraries of all sizes.

Intelligent Return Shelf

Make the return as simple as possible for your patrons. With the Nexbib Intelligent Return Shelf system the patron just places the items on the return shelf and the return process is activated. The items are immediately ready to be borrowed by the next patron. While returning their library materials users can select and take books from the shelf that have just been returned by other users. This way the Intelligent return shelf motivates patrons to borrow other books and brings them into contact with parts of the collection they normally may not read.

Popular items which have a higher circulation rate are often to be found on the return shelf, therefore they are more easily and speedily accessible for the next patron if your library is using a Nexbib Intelligent Return Shelf. This also saves library staff work since many items do not have to be brought back to the shelf before they are borrowed again.


  • Number of shelves connected to the same central unit.
  • Colour options to fit library design¨
  • Printer solutions
  • Can be used as a Hold Pickup shelf or as a Reserved material pick-up station. As reserved materials are placed into the shelf the item gets an index (location). This location is sent to the patron via SMS or email with the possibility to print a Hold slip with patron name or alias.