With one of the Outreach and 24/7 access solutions from Nexbib you are giving your patrons a choice of how and when to use the library at a time and location convenient to their schedules. You can open up your library and allow access to services at times when there are no library staff present. Thousands of libraries around the world have already increased usage by giving the keys of the library to their patrons, where the library card gives access to the library building and the many services it can offer.

Our 24/7 access solutions also include book vending, secure lockers for self-pick-up and pop-up libraries that use our technology to expand the library services and sign ups in the local community.

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Outreach Lockers

With a Nexbib Locker solution you can give patrons access to collect items on hold even when the library is closed. Libraries decide to locate the locker solution so it’s easily accessible for its users, e.g. in shopping centres, train stations or at the local Supermarket.

The technology used in the Nexbib Locker solution is well proven and used for many years by postal services and parcel shops for item collection.

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Open Libraries (software/hardware solution)

Nexbib offers a very modern and well-proven solution to give patrons access to the library by using their library card. The library can provide flexible opening hours whenever there is a need: early in the mornings, during lunch breaks, late in the evening or even on Sundays. Open Libraries can easily provide their complete facilities during these hours in a secured and automated manner to meet the needs of their community. To open from 8 AM until 10 PM every day will attract not only more visitors, but also new patrons. 

The first open libraries were introduced more than 15 years ago and today thousands of libraries globally have introduced the solution to their library patrons.

With the Nexbib Access solution you get an all-in-one cloud-based solution consisting of both hardware, software and a management tool which easily integrates with your library building.

Book Vending Machine


With the Book Vending Machine, your library can expand the offering of physical items outside in the local community.

Our solution gives access to more than 300 titles which can easily be browsed from the large screen and when a title is selected it will quickly be available to the patron while automatically registering it on the patron’s account.

It is also possible for the patron to return items in the vending machine with the returned item becoming available for the next interested patron.

Pop-Up Library


Pop-up libraries are used in many cities as a social initiative to quickly establish small libraries in public spaces such as community centres.

A pop-up library requires technology which can support the use of the library – such as easy-transportable self-service kiosks and digital posters which can help to communicate and promote the services the library offers.

Read more about our solutions which you can consider for your next pop-up llibrary project.

Digital Communication and Screens

Nexbib Inspire provides your library with a complete digital and information system, enabling dynamic communication via digital screens and other devices within your library’s physical and digital environments such as self-service kiosks, Library catalogue PC’s, Information screens and mobile apps.

In the entrances, hallways, open spaces and around the activity areas, patrons can view and interact with these communications and devices, which inform and guide them about the library’s activities and offerings. They can be directed to locations to find specified or requested items and provided with inspirational material to enhance their library experience.

Library staff can control and publish content in a quick and easy way to all connected devices, even during out of hours or unmanned library times.

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A way to keep your physical library inventory up to date is to make sure the items are sorted corrected when being returned. With a return & sorting solution from Nexbib your library patrons don’t need to consider how to sort the returned items. The machine will sort everything according to the criteria in the system which makes the following reshelving a much easier task for the library staff.