Staff Solutions & Inventory Management

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Manage the inventory of your library with the latest generation of hardware and software specifically designed for use in libraries.

Our inventory solutions help library staff move away from time consuming tasks using physical search lists to a well-organised digital and easily accessible solution which saves time and reduces the risk of making errors.

Our 24/7 access solutions also include book vending machine, lockers for self pick-up and pop-up libraries your library can use our technology to expand the library services in the local community.

Library Assist App for Staff

Our Library Assist App provides your Library staff with the most versatile tool available, including direct Library Management System (LMS) connection. Staff can take care of all their tasks whilst still moving around in the library interacting with patrons. Improve customer service and give a more personalised user experience by being ready to easily assist patrons out on the library floor.

Library Assist provides easy access to the central functions of the LMS, whilst simultaneously providing staff with the same information and functionality available to patrons via the Library App (see Mobile App). This allows staff to assist patrons with requests such as item information, popular authors, upcoming events, checking out and returning items and payments directly on the library floor. Simultaneously, staff can also use the advanced logistics functions to search for items on holds, misplaced items or undertake other collection management tasks while on the go.

The Assist App can alert staff about pick-lists for reservations or for transfers to other libraries.  All lists are dynamic and fully interactive, i.e. if a librarian picks an item it immediately disappears from the pick-lists of the rest of the staff. Save valuable staff time by getting rid of printed search lists which quickly get outdated. Use the App for taking inventory, seeking specific titles or controlling that the security status is correct.

With the Library Assist App from Nexbib you get all of these functions combined in one fully mobile solution for the library staff. 

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RFID Staff Circulation Pad

Using the Nexbib Staff Pad, staff can easily circulate and complete conversion-work. Our solution can simultaneously process all tags that are placed at market leading distances above the antenna. The elegant thin antenna can be installed on or under the table.

The powerful Staff Pad software works with all commonly used data models and can easily be integrated with your Library Management System.

Handheld Inventory Wand

The Nexbib Inventory Reader gives the library staff a fast and easy way to manage the library collection. With the high-performance RFID reader / antenna and mobile device you get an all-in-one solution for inventory and collection management.

Scan items to make an inventory list, find missing items and correct misplaced items. The reader has enough battery for a full working day before it should be recharged. A Wi-Fi connection enables integration to the LMS in real time and data can be exported to the back-end system for further analysis.

Inventory Robot

With an Inventory Robot from Nexbib it’s possible to make a full inventory of the library while the library is closed.

Our inventory robot automatically scans the bookshelves with its build-in RFID antennas while checking if any items are requested by library staff and patrons and if any items should be misplaced. When the inventory has been completed the inventory robot will automatically submit a report to the library staff for further action.

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