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Your 24/7 services Nex.Shelves + Lockers

Pure flexibility! With our intelligent shelves and various locker models, you can create the best layout according to your needs. Depending on location and model, you can issue reserved library items and take back returns 24 hours a day.

Would you like to offer a wide variety of library items? With our Nex.Locker, this can be implemented practically and safely in no time at all.

With the LapSafe Locker you can provide new and up-to-the-minute lending services! Items such as Laptops, tablets, Chromebooks are safely deposited, and automatically issued using a library card.  Our lockers also feature battery charging as a bonus!

Inspiration at the intelligent
return shelf

Do your users prefer to browse the shelves for new reading material? They will find what they are looking for on the Nex.Shelf. Library items are placed on this open, intelligent shelf, booked straight back in and can be borrowed immediately by the next user. Your library’s resources will now become fast-moving items! There is no need to place each item in their actual place on the shelf, saving time for your staff. Your customers will also be happy, because this way they come into contact with books that they might never have discovered otherwise.

  • Scope, compartment sizes and colour can be designed individually
  • Modules are flexible and expandable
  • Integrated touchscreen for receipt options
  • Installation of the individual components in in-house furniture possible

Storage for reservations

Like lockers already a feature of the high-street but now designed for libraries with a unique variety of compartments and possible combinations: capacity, format, transparent doors, colour. It doesn't matter whether you want to provide a laptop, games, tools or just one or more books in the compartments, the Nex.Locker will be adapted to your ideas.

Give your community the flexibility they want!

Reservation can be picked up independently of opening times. You can also just browse through the transparent compartments, using the library card to collect your selection.

  • Maximum flexibility in terms of use and capacity
  • Adopting proven retail service solutions
  • Safe and reliable lending/return

Anywhere and always
Bestsellers To Go

How about an express library in the shopping centre, at the railway station or at the playground? What about in front of a school? Nex.365 ToGo is a state-of-the-art self-service cabinet that provides a selection of popular books. Just easy to take along. In busy public places or wherever people have a minute to quickly pick up a book they've always wanted to read. Once the book has been devoured, it can be returned to the same cabinet.

Doesn't a mini library like this create additional attention for your library?

  • Capacity: up to 352 books
  • Convenient selection on the touchscreen media carousel
  • 24/7 lending and return with just a few clicks
  • Transparent case for inspiration
  • Integration into the LMS
  • Increases item circulation
  • Works on- and offline

Self-service laptop provision

Do you spend too much time on lending out and recharging laptops, Chromebooks and tablets? Or maybe your users want to charge their own device in a secure compartment then our LapSafe Locker meets these requirements! Deposited devices are charged intelligently and in an energy-saving manner for long-term use. LED lights indicate battery status and device availability.

Borrowing and returning couldn't be easier: select the device, scan the library card on the cabinet and the allocated door opens.

  • Automatic output of the laptop with the best charging status
  • Identification with RFID, barcode + Mifare cards
  • Custom colouring and capacity to match your library
  • Up to three devices can be charged in one compartment
  • Integrated into your LMS

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