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For everyone at any time Flexible opening hours

Libraries are key as independent community spaces for education and culture participation. Don't let opening hours restrict their social impact and your diverse offerings!

With Nex.365 Open Library, a flexible concept to extend opening hours, your library can enhance its welcome to existing and new members of the community outside staffed service hours.
Transform your library into a contemporary open and safe space for meeting, working, learning, or playing, available very early mornings or late evenings, seven days a week.

In Denmark, more than

open with Nex.365 Open Library

Weekly opening hours have been doubled


libraries globaly benefit from Open Library

Good Reasons for Open Library


Opening hours according to local needs

Open early in the morning, midday, late at night or on Sundays to give your community more flexibility to access your services.


Increasing visitor numbers + media circulation

Gain new customers thanks to extended opening hours. Make your library's services as accessible as possible; increase the ROI of your library investments.


Up-to-date reputation within the community

As a "public living room" you increase the importance of your library as an attractive and safe place to learn, work, meet, read and more.


New resources thanks to automation

Relieve your employees of routine activities so that they can take on other valuable tasks.


Sustainability + ergonomics

The future begins today - benefit from forward-looking, sustainable technologies and efficient, ergonomic processes. An integrated solution ensures barrier-free use.

It's that easy

Your community can take full advantage of all services within your library and feel safe and comfortable at all times! Energy-conscious, lighting and devices only wake up from sleep mode when someone enters the library.

With just a few clicks, admission can be specifically defined for vulnerable or specific (age) groups. Access can be provided for the entire library or for specific areas only, e.g. self-service resources, or holds pick-up areas.

Automated access only for school classes at specific times is easy to implement.

  • Connected services: item check-out + return
  • Digital system centrally + web-based controlled
  • Integrated with building technology, library infrastructure + ILS
  • Automatic door opening with library card
  • Privacy-compliant technologies
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