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ALA 2024 | Booth #3012 We listen to your needs!

Offer equitable services to everyone with flexible, extended hours to accommodate diverse community needs!

Our Nex.365 Open Library solution seamlessly complements staffed hours, ensuring safe and accessible spaces for all.

Leverage Nex.Count Occuspace to optimize space usage and align with staff schedules.

Provide intuitive and enganging usability with our customizable, most accessible self-service Nex.Kiosk and a dynamic, advanced user interface.

Nexbib as your trusted partner

With decades of specialized experience, Nexbib provides dynamic Open Library concepts and flexible self-service RFID ecosystems tailored to the evolving demands of our digital society, prioritizing sustainability, accessibility, and ergonomics.

Discover our latest innovations and visionary ideas to enhance your services. Let's work together to future-proof your library as a vibrant Third Place, regardless of its size.

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People Traffic Analysis
Gain insights into the usage patterns of your library with real-time data and a friction-less people counting experience
Open Library
Provide extended library hours: early in the morning, midday, late in the evening or on weekends. Flexible, safe and tailored to your needs.
Provide an intuitive + engaging self-service experience! Meet today's user expectations. Accessibility for people of all ages and abilities is ensured.

The expansion of opening hours offers us maximum flexibility to reach even more people. We expect about 10 per cent more visitors in the future. Especially the working population as well as the high number of commuters can now use the library more comfortably. Students are also happy to be able to study more flexibly in terms of time.

Jasmin Leuze . Public Library Zug . Switzerland

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