Accessible return option

With Nex.Return to the Nex.Level

Service as you and your users like it! Simply put the library item in the slot - done! The user account is free for new loans. The items are promptly booked back into the LMS. The security bit is automatically reactivated. Depending on your requirements, the items are sorted intelligently according to your specifications: in a media bin, on a stacking trolley, in a Nex.Box. Sorting containers can be freely combined depending on your needs.

Item return around the clock – indoor or outdoor - regardless of weather? Integrated in the building exterior or in the foyer? We make your outdoor returns safe and reliable.

  • Accelerates item availability
  • Automates monotonous workflows
  • Fits libraries of any size
  • Optimally tailored to needs and space
  • Secure aperture prevents incorrect media insertion and protects against the weather
  • Special indoor, outdoor and foyer variants

A system that grows with you

Improve your library efficiencies: our automated return systems transport library items via conveyor belts where they are then deposited in the Nex.Bin or Nex.Cart in order to reach their end destination. If certain items are to be transported to another floor or to the next room, we have the right modules in order to do that. Corners, curves or slopes are no obstacle for our modular systems.

Configure your sorting goals as you wish, so that the return process becomes even more efficient. All of our sorting containers can be freely combined on the systems and exchanged if necessary.

And if your needs grow, the system can be successively expanded even after years.

  • Minimal footprint
  • Extremely fast and particularly quiet
  • Accepts any format
  • Horizontal and vertical transport
  • Dynamic routing for curves, corners and inclines
27-way sorting in Kolding Denmark

Maximum ergonomics
and efficiency

The right container for every requirement! Whether Nex.Bins, electronic or with a spring base, whether battery-powered Nex.Carts or simple boxes: they are all mobile and lightweight -only the capacity changes. Nex.Carts ergonomic designs offers the greatest comfort when sorting on the shelf.

  • Integrated system
  • Bins with individual colouring
  • Large selection of capacities
  • Robust design with minimal weight

Inspiration at the intelligent return shelf

Do your visitors prefer to browse the shelves for new reading material? You will find what you are looking for on the Nex.Shelf. Library items are placed on this open, intelligent shelf, booked straight back in and can be borrowed immediately by the next user. Your library’s resources will now become fast-moving items! There is no need to place each item in their actual place on the shelf, saving time for your team. With this approach to displaying library item you provide the opportunity for your library users to discover new materials that they may not have come across otherwise.

Return at the intelligent Nex.Shelf
  • Scope, compartment sizes and colour can be designed individually
  • Flexibility through modules and successively expandable
  • Integrated touchscreen for receipt options
  • Installation of the individual components in in-house furniture possible
Want more?

And sometimes it's your team’s turn

If books are to be returned from other locations, your staff need their own effective return station and therefore there is the Nex.Return Staff with electronic height adjustment, so that the station can be operated comfortably by all employees.

  • Quick return of larger inventories
  • Ergonomic height adjustment
  • Ideal supplement for every Nex.Return system
Nex.Return Staff height adjustable

Smart transport to all floors

In Oodi, Helsinki's visionary city library, the Nex.Robots move safely between the shelves with full boxes of books. The robot can even call an elevator to get to the right floor independently. Obstacles are clearly recognized. Programming is everything.

  • Accelerated item availability
  • Frees staff from monotonous tasks
  • Variably programmable for all routes
  • Carries media boxes and shelving units
  • Combination with all Nex.Return systems
Nex.Robot transports an item box
Nex.Robot Shelving sorts media into a shelf

Immediately on the shelf

Do you want to improve the time it takes to return fast-moving items to your shelves? The Nex.Robot Shelving operates with precision and care, picking up items from the conveyor belt and placing them on the shelf ready for display.

  • Intelligent shelving
  • Accelerated media availability
  • Frees staff from monotonous tasks
  • Combination with all Nex.Return systems

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