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Nexbib and Occuspace partner to deliver real-time occupancy monitoring for Public Libraries

Nexbib, a company dedicated to enhancing visitor experiences at public libraries, today announced a partnership with Occuspace, a leader in privacy-focused real-time occupancy monitoring technology. This collaboration will empower libraries with valuable insights into visitor flow, allowing them to optimize space and resource…

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Nexbib spreads its wings to the North American market

Nexbib, a leading provider of cutting-edge library technology solutions, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Scott Hackstadt as President of North America, effective February 1, 2024. This marks Nexbib's expansion into new markets, with a commitment to serving the library industry in the USA and Canada.

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The Royal Danish Library consisting of 18 research and academic libraries are building their future with Nexbib

This Autumn, the comprehensive modernisation project of the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, including the world-renowned Black Diamond, was chosen in favour of Nexbib. The use of sustainable, modular technologies to ensure energy-saving, climate-friendly and accessible operation were important factors in the tender…

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Nexbib welcomes Carsten Scheel as new International Sales Director

Nexbib, a leading provider of innovative library solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Carsten Scheel to become International Sales Director within the organisation. Starting December 1, 2023, Carsten will join Nexbib's Danish office, taking on an international role with a focus on strategic RFID and digital…

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Most Innovative Apprenticeship 2023 Award goes to Nexbib

Nexbib has been awarded the premium title of Most Innovative Apprenticeship 2023 by renowned Danish Zealand Business College (ZBC). Every year, students have the opportunity to nominate companies for the competition that highly value innovation in product development, process management and teamwork, and actively implement…

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Autonomous library inventory management with the Nex.Robot InvenTORY

Nexbib, provider of flexible RFID solutions for libraries, and MetraLabs GmbH, manufacturer of autonomous robots, are starting their worldwide cooperation with a new inventory robot especially developed for libraries. The autonomous assistant detects precise RFID transponders in the HF frequency range 13.56 MHz, which are also…

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Nexbib Announces Inclusion on the APUC Framework

Nexbib UK is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a place as a supplier under the prestigious APUC (Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges) Library Equipment, Software & Maintenance – LIB1021 AP Framework Agreement.

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Munich Public Library modernises all RFID systems with Nexbib

At the beginning of May, another tender procedure was decided in favour of Nexbib. The technology supplier will renew self-checkout as well as return and sorting systems in all Munich public libraries. The project comprises 27 locations and will be implemented successively from autumn 2023. Existing RFID systems will be replaced…

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Public Libraries Berlin modernise return and sorting systems with Nexbib

More than 30 branches of the Association of Public Libraries in Berlin (VÖBB) will be upgraded to state-of-the-art technology with new return and sorting systems starting in May. The technology supplier Nexbib was officially awarded the contract at the end of March. Accessibility, ergonomics as well as sustainable and energy-conscious …

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A new favourite library place with an inclusive approach and state-of-the-art library technology

The Kulturscheune Weyhe (Culture Barn Weyhe) is a new inclusive Third Place for the entire community. The new building in Leeste near Bremen/Germany relies on self-service and RFID item security from Nexbib.

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Nex.App: My library app + more on the go

By 2022, 80 percent of the European population will be using a smartphone. According to forecasts, mobile phone penetration will reach 84 percent by 2025. Increase your digital community, focus on the people who matter to you with your own library app. Modernise your services and communication with existing patrons and students.

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To charge laptops in Nex.Locker LapSafe

Automatically charged: self-service laptops 365 days a year

Making laptops and tablets available to everyone in the community is an equitable offer and closes the technology gap. At the same time, mobile working with borrowed devices creates additional workplaces in the library, as users and students are not only dependent on the fixed PC workplaces. With the Nex.Locker LapSafe,…

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Ergonomic, sustainable and contemporary: new technology at Public Library Bayreuth

When the Public Library Bayreuth has chosen the RFID technology for booking, returning and sorting its media already eleven years ago, it was undoubtedly considered a pioneer and innovative trendsetter. In this respect, it is only logical that the RW21 is now renewing its system as well as the self-service kiosks in order to be…

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Optimized services through self-checkout at the Berlin State Library

The Berlin State Library (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin/SBB) is renewing its library technology in the building on Potsdamer Strasse in order to expand its services for item management according to modern expectations. In May 2022, the RFID solution for checking-out, returning, sorting and securing will go live in the "golden…

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Nexbib Germany: fresh RFID concepts, sustainability + local services

"Keep the next generation of your visitors in your sights with Nexbib!", appeals Sales Director Dirk Schagen. At Nexbib, people, the community, and their needs come first - #Bib4all. "Together with the libraries, we are pulling together to make it easier to participate in education and culture and to strengthen communities."…

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