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Libraries are critical community space, a store of trusted knowledge, a valuable resource for families, as a place for meetings, place of study and work for students. A place that inspires and always attracts new users and future entrepreneurs  with a wide range of increasing demands. It is all the more important that services and infrastructure are available, easily accessible and meet the expectations of your users.

On-demand and extended hours experienced in retail and other service industries becoming increasingly the expectation of library patrons, and hence it is important to leverage flexible technology and dynamic library concepts to adapt to ever-changing challenges and stay connected to audiences.

Your Open Library Solution

Maximise your service offering: Open at off-peak times to reach new groups and maintain existing users adapting to change in their lives. Increase the ROI by making your library services available for  longer.

With Nex.365 you can open every day. As an open library, you can bridge lunch breaks, set up an earlier or later opening or instantly react and change opening times to support adverse local incidents.

  • Flexible opening times based on local needs
  • Gain new target groups, maintain existing user base
  • Central control of the library infrastructure including  services (lights, alarm, heating)
  • Integrated modern system
  • Safe feel-good atmosphere at unstaffed times

Relaxed 24/7
Locker Self-Service


Shelves without borders: Lockers, which function as a library of things, as a space for Holds or as a check-out place for laptops, are among the most popular self-service offerings. Integration into your technical environment simplifies and accelerates device management.

We have flexibility: It doesn't matter what capacity, what colour, what compartment size and whether transparent or opaque doors.



Access to a Library of Things or simply to items of all kinds: In the Nex.Locker, all offers and Holds are ready to be picked up, regardless of your opening hours. Your community is happy about this newly gained access and a sustainable rental of musical instruments, household appliances, tools and all sorts of things.

  • 24/7 availability increases media circulation
  • Intelligent RFID locker as part of a digital ecosystem
  • Individual: capacity, design and format of the compartments
  • Modularly expandable
  • Indoor and outdoor variant

Nex.Locker Lapsafe

Nex.Locker Lapsafe

Laptop, Chromebook and tablet rentals have never been easier. Returns are also quick.

Of course, the device with the best battery level is always displayed. LED indicators provide information about the charging status. Charging cables (standard/USB) are permanently integrated in the compartments. Up to three devices can be connected together in one compartment.

  • Integrated into your library system
  • Individual: capacity, design and format of the compartments
  • Modularly expandable
  • Energy-saving: automatic charging stop
  • Parallel: Loading and updating the device software

Anywhere and always
Bestsellers To Go

How about an express library in the shopping centre, at the railway station or at the playground? What about in front of a school? Nex.365 ToGo is a state-of-the-art self-service cabinet that provides a selection of popular books. Just easy to take along. In busy public places or wherever people have a minute to quickly pick up a book they've always wanted to read. Once the book has been devoured, it can be returned to the same cabinet.

Doesn't a mini library like this create additional attention for your library?

  • Capacity: up to 352 books
  • Convenient selection on the touchscreen media carousel
  • 24/7 lending and return with just a few clicks
  • Transparent case for inspiration
  • Integration into the LMS
  • Increases item circulation
  • Works on- and offline

Always connected
Nex.App | My Library App

Found a favorite book, a much-loved music CD while browsing the retail shelves? Simply use your phone and borrow it from your library with two clicks using the Nex.App. Finished! Returning the item is just as easy. Information about events and news are provided at a glance. Twitter is also integrated. This is what our smartphone society wants. But the app can do even more: digital and physical stock are listed in an overview and are available for download for iOS and Android users.

Of course, it can send push notifications for due dates, has a digital library card, stores reservations and is ideal for families as all accounts can be managed in one app.

And watch out! With the, ISBN numbers can be scanned to find out whether the bestseller that has just been published is already available in the library and can be reserved immediately.

  • Familiar smartphone operation
  • Item loan and return at the shelf
  • Account management anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with your LMS
  • Alternative to self-service – ideal at peak times
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