Nexbib Germany: fresh RFID concepts, sustainability + local services

"Keep the next generation of your visitors in your sights with Nexbib!", appeals Sales Director Dirk Schagen. At Nexbib, people, the community, and their needs come first - #Bib4all. "Together with the libraries, we are pulling together to make it easier to participate in education and culture and to strengthen communities." This requires dynamic library concepts, a contemporary digital strategy and flexible, modularly expandable technologies. We want to inspire and collaborate," says Dirk Schagen.

Successfully launched in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, Nexbib now also offers new RFID concepts, open library solutions and future-oriented apps for public and academic libraries in Germany. The Nexbib team has many years of experience in the international library industry and brings a great deal of technological know-how.

"Our development team is based in the Nordics and has already made its mark with the equipment of the Oodi Central Library in Helsinki, Public Library of the Year Award 2019. Presenting modern, intuitive technologies combined with timeless, functional designs for customised check-out and return systems. In addition, we attach great importance to our local, decentralised team, enabling personal consulting and prompt service," explains Managing Director Markus Rösch. The young company is also committed to sustainability, with energy-saving technology, resource-conserving production and a conscious choice of sustainable materials.

Libraries form a win-win relationship with their communities, serving to support each other. Community-oriented library offerings undoubtedly serve to revitalise and enhance the infrastructure of their neighbourhoods. With its digital innovations, Nexbib wants to contribute to the development of libraries working in partnership with them to achieve the goal of becoming a Third Place within their locality.

About Nexbib

Nexbib is a provider of future-proof RFID solutions for libraries of all types and sizes. The company develops dynamic library concepts based on contemporary digital strategies and flexible, modularly expandable technology. Together with libraries, Nexbib puts the needs of the community first. Nexbib's solutions not only respond to the habits of today's smartphone society but are also focused on the needs of the next generation. Therefore, sustainability and the 2030 Agenda are high priorities.

Continuous exchange and a collaborative partnership with libraries shape innovations in a practical way. The extensive portfolio enables modern self-service for check-out, return, security and media management. Open Library concepts provide the time flexibility expected today and strengthen the standing of libraries as attractive Third Places.


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