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Libraries play a crucial role in promoting media literacy in our digitised and interconnected society. With smartphones, tablets, and apps now essential in our daily lives, it's no surprise that 92.3 percent of internet users access online services via their mobile devices.

Now is the time to take the library experience to the next level, offering a library app.

Everywhere and anytime, quickly and discreetly

With all services consolidated into one app, navigating the library has never been easier - whether you're inside the library or out. Library accounts are accessible 24/7, and both digital and analog media are available round the clock.

A library app seamlessly connects your library with your audience, enhancing interaction and community engagement. By embracing apps, libraries can offer new avenues for outreach, adding significant value to their strategic plans.
You couldn't meet current demands for intuitive design, advanced operation, and communication any better.

Speed up self-service
Nex.App | My Library App

Borrowing and returning items directly at the shelf is incredibly convenient, offering a fantastic alternative to avoid queuing lines during peak times.

Accessing news, events and room bookings is right at your users’ fingertips. Stay connected with your community through Social Media channels. Exactly what our smartphone society desires.

And watch out! With the Nex.App, people can scan ISBN codes all over the place to quickly check if the latest bestseller is available in the library and reserve it immediately.

  • Analogue + digital media in one joint overview
  • Item loan + return at the shelf
  • Third-party eContent integration
  • Available for all iOS + Android phones + tablets
  • News, events + social media
  • Book rooms and events
This is what I need!

More than just content
Grow your digital community!

Mobile phone penetration in Europe is 80 per cent and continues to increase every year. There is a significant raise in smartphone usage among the 55+ age group. Among 10-12-year-olds, more than 90 per cent have a smartphone. The mobile era is here!

Stay connected with the people who matter most to you! Reach out to all generations. Experience has shown: an app will attract more users to the library.

Beyond eContent

Found a favorite book or a beloved music CD while browsing the retail shelves? Patrons can simply use their phone to borrow it from the library with two clicks using the Nex.App. It’s that easy!

Want to know the shortest route to the nearest library? Nex.App will guide your users there.

With a playful reading tracker that rewards predefined active reading times, children can be motivated to read.

  • Mobile item check-out + work desk booking
  • Programs + ticketing
  • Integrated route planer to nearest library
  • Digital library card to log into additional services
  • Reading tracker + awards
  • 24/7 account management: due dates, fines, receipts
  • Outdoor collection check via ISBN code scan

The Nex.App
Easy to customise

Your ideas set the standard. On app stores, users will easily locate your personalised app under your specific library name. A design tailored to your corporate identity completes a compelling library presence.

Users can modify screen views to their preferences, prioritising services and content individually. Intuitive operation ensures a contemporary digital experience.

Smart Management

Centralised management of all room and event reservations eliminates double bookings and reduces staff workload. These services are accessible via the app and the library website, and can additionally displayed via digital signage screens, ensuring consistency across all branch libraries.

  • Own library branding
  • Compatible with your LMS
  • Effiency through central management
  • Familiar + intuitive interface
  • More than 30 languages to choose
  • Accommodates left-handed fonts

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