Nexbib offers a wide product portfolio of consumable items to support your Libraries self-service and automation solutions.

We have many years of experience working with both public, academic, school and special libraries and are confident that we can supply all your needs to the highest possible standards.


RFID tags are used to wirelessly identify and secure library items. They are affixed to any library book material or media collateral.

Nexbib supplies a range of RFID tags that are designed for all types of items in your library’s collection and will keep all of your items secure.

The complete range of Nexbib RFID tags includes Rectangle Credit Card Tags sized at 81mm x 49mm, Square Tags sized at 50mm x 50mm, full face DVD and CD Rom Tags, and Donut 40mm Hub CD Tags. Tags can be supplied with paper or clear coverings.

Our entire range of RFID tag products are guaranteed for the lifetime of the item to which they are affixed.

RFID Tag Dispenser

RFID Tag Dispensers speed up the application of RFID tags onto library items. As you remove a tag for application, the next tag is advanced. Options include auto peeling from backing paper, motor drives and interfaces to barcode reading and programming stations.

One-Time DVD & CD Case

OneTimeTM lockable cases allow libraries to secure your valuable DVD, CD and Blu Ray collections. These lockable cases are available to suit 1,2,4 or 6 disc sets. The lockable cases allow AV materials to be tagged with a standard RFID tag on the case and left safely on the shelf.

One-Time Case Unlocker

Manual OneTimeTM DVD Unlocker allows library staff to manually lock and unlock OneTimeTM lockable cases. The unlocker can be used for all one time cases and features a key lock to prevent unauthorised use and can be secured to any surface in the library such as a customer desk/ pod.

Thermal Receipt Rolls

Nexbib offer a range of high quality, 100% recyclable, receipt rolls for use in your Libraries self-service and automation solutions, which are also compatible with desktop receipt printers for “over the counter“ transactions.

We have used our extensive experience to select quality, lint free paper, suitably weighted and residue free to ensure no receipt curl or printer jam, thus providing the highest possible user experience.

Nexbib can also provide contract supply and monitoring, thus ensuring your library never runs out of receipt rolls again.

Membership Cards

We offer any library membership card which makes sense for your specific environment. We support all technologies like Barcode, Mifare, RFID, RAIN etc. Multiple technologies integrated in one single membership card for multiple purposes is also possible. Cards can be delivered printed and programmed.