Admin Software

Monitor and configure your library equipment centrally using a PC, phone or tablet. The Nexbib Admin System gives you a quick overview on the status of the installed assets, access to statistic, configuration and reporting tools.

Device Management

Today most devices are connected to the network and collect data. Monitoring your devices online helps to organise work tasks, monitor use-age and efficiency, and you can be automatically notified if something needs your attention.Our solution is used across our solution range from simple people counters to advanced robotic and sorting systems

The Nexbib Admin System is multilingual so your Admin users can choose their own language preferences.

Nexbib offers a secure and modern cloud-based solution. Connected devices communicate via an API. We can make the API available to 3rd parties to support you in getting the most out of your data

Security Gate Software

With the Nexbib Gate Software you can monitor gate alarms by receiving alerts showing location, the time stamp and the title of the item causing the alarm.

Our solution helps both library staff and patrons to avoid awkward situations, and allow the item with the active alarm to quickly be identified and the item can be checked out correctly.

The Gate Software also helps libraries identifying a potential loss of items at the library as the log will show items being incorrectly removed, i.e. as part of theft.

Related Products

Using the Nexbib Admin Tool gives your library staff access to monitor open library solutions, changing opening hours and seeing logs of who entered the library. Are you interested to learn more about our open library solution then have a look here.

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